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Official complaint on OOXML-procedures in Denmark

I just wanted to let you in on a bit of information here from sunny Copenhagen.

Denmark has joined Norway in the strange sense that the Danish NSB (Dansk Standard) has received an official complaint regarding the Danish vote on March 29th 2008. I am sure the news will spread to the rest of the blog-sphere soon, so be the first to get the information here (my translation)

The Municipality of Aarhus, who was a member of the OOXML-committee in Dansk Standard, has now complained about the "Yes"-vote in the ISO-approval [of OOXML]. The reason: No one knows the real content of the specification. [...] . "It is strange to vote 'Yes' to a standard, that could still be filled with flaws and defects. In principle, it might say that the Moon is made of Swiss cheese, and they voted 'Yes' to that, explains Jens Kjellerup to Computerworld."

Check it out here (in Danish): http://www.computerworld.dk/art/45835?a=fp_2&i=514

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Do you have the translation of the entire article?


Hi Yoon-Kit,

No - I have not translated the entire article. Maybe you should try the blog of Leif Lodahl - he is usually a sorce for translation of the articles.

Otherwise check it out using Google Translator. It has just recently begun supporting Danish in translation.


It does a pretty good job here.


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