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Namedropping in Geneva

So - that was it ... it really was. The BRM ended a bit less than an hour ago and I am now back at my hotel. I have previously been accused of name-dropping too much, but I'm glad to be able to say, that I have now been name-dropped. At least Dough Mahugh was kind enough to mention me yesterday before rambling about burning his suit. It has been a pleasure to work with all these 120 people frm 37 countries in the last week and it has been great to finally get to meet Rob Weir, Tim Bray, Charlez H. Schultz (who attended the OFE-meetings down-stairs) and of course Alex Brown.

I will be back with more info lter this weekend ... when I am no longer as sleep-deprived as now.


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Sleep-deprived ?
So was this true afterall ?

Hi hAl,

No - not if you are talking about protesters outside the hotel - not mine, anyways.

When I say that I have been sleep-deprived it is because it has been a really, really tough week. You have had to concentrate 100% the whole time to keep up with the conversation and make on-the-fly decisions on technical issues. Not being native English speaking only adds to the complexity.

I think most of us will agree that it has been increasingly difficult to get up in the morning with ad-hoc technical work going on in breaks between sessions, in the evening as well as preparation for the next day. More than 120 documents or alterations of responses were produced during the week - many of them quite complex. On top of that we have had ongoing discussions on the various subjects of our experteese even on presumably simple things like using the word "should", "shall", "may" or "must".

Ooh - and I must emphasize: even though I have failed to understand the rationale behind of some of the arguments presented at the BRM, it has been a very civil process and most of us shook hands in the end.


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