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Denmark votes "Conditional approval"

On Saturday September 1st 2007 it was reported by the Danish Standardization committee (Dansk Standard) that it had cast it's vote on DIS 29500. A sub-committee has been working through-out the summer on the result of the public hearing in Denmark and on August 24th, on the last meeting before the official vote, a consensus was reached on the contents of a document to send to ISO alongside with the final vote. No vote was carried out in the meeting and the final decision was left to Dansk Standard to make.

On Saturday the vote was made public. The initial statement was:

Dansk Standard har på vegne af Danmark stemt ”Nej med kommentarer” til forslaget til standarden ISO/IEC DIS 29500 OOXML. Dette indebærer, at Dansk Standard i samarbejdet med standardiseringsudvalget vil arbejde på en godkendelse af Office Open XML som ISO/IEC standard, forudsat at en række punkter adresseres. 

In English this is:

Dansk Standard has on behalf of Denmark voted "No with comments" to the proposed standard ISO/IEC DIS 29500 OOXML. This means, that Dansk Standard in coorporation with the sub-committee wil work on an approval of Office Open XML as ISO/IEC standard , given that a number of points are addressed.

I have tried to translate the rest of the press release here:

In guidance of the international standardization organasition ISO, the proposal ISO/IEC DIS 29500 OOXML has been processed since the beginning of 2007. The proposal adheres to whether Office Open XML should be an ISO/IEC standard. Dansk Standard has as national standardization organisation just cast the vote for Denmark.

Work on the proposal has been done in a committee in guidance of Dansk Standard with participation of 33 companies and organisations. 'IT- og Telestyrelsen' has participated with status of "observer".

ISO/IEC 29500 OOXML has been through a public hearing in Spring of 2007, where everyone has been able to give comments to the suggestion. Dansk Standard recieved 39 comments.

Suggestion from the committee

The committee has has worked constructively and through the late Summer very intense with the comments from the hearing. The result of this work that the committee on August 24th agreed on a consensus on a number of points to improvement of ISO/IEC 29500 OOXML. The committee suggested to Dansk Standard that these points are handed over to ISO. The committee did not cast a guiding vote to Dansk Standard.

Denmark's vote

Dansk Standard has based Denmark's vote on a consensus-evaluation amongst the participating parties as well as on the unanimous consensus agreement.

Denmark will in the process ahead work on an approval of ISO/IEC DIS 29500 OOXML, given that the points that the committee passed on are addressed. With the vote "No with comments" Dansk Standard maintains the best way to take care of the Danish wishes to changes to the standard.

Process ahead

All national standardisation organizations must have cast the vote of their country and submitted any comments September 2nd at the latest. The final decision on whether Office Open XML will become an ISO/IEC-standard is expected to be made on a joint meeting in Geneve on February 25th-29th 2008. At this meeting Dansk Standard will participate as part of a delegation, appointed by the committee. In the delegation additional participants are CIBER Danmark, IBM Danmark, Microsoft Danmark as well as the City of Aarhus, 5th magistrate (Children and youth).


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