Denmark votes "yes" on IS29500 COR1 and FPDAM1

by jlundstocholm 2. October 2009 00:36
I know it has been a couple of weeks, but I just wanted to share current development with you. On September 7th (in Danish), the Danish mirror committee to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC34 met at Danish Standards in Charlottenlund. On the agenda was, amongst other things, processing of documents under ballot. The... [More]

Re-introducing on/off-values to ST-OnOff in OOXML Part 4

by jlundstocholm 23. June 2009 18:57
At this very moment we are discussing re-introducing the values on/off to the simple type ST_OnOff in the transitional part of OOXML. Background: Some countries (including Denmark and UK) argued during the DIS29500-process that the enumeration values "on" and "off&q... [More]

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WG4-meetings in Copenhagen

by jlundstocholm 22. June 2009 22:08
So ... everyone on the "who's who" list of OOXML maintenance is in Copenhagen eagerly working our way through a zillion defect reports and proposals for IS29500. The pace varies from hour to hour, but it is almost all of it quite interesting (cough!). We have quite a busy schedu... [More]

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Extending OOXML

by jlundstocholm 30. April 2009 20:26
This article will have to topics - one about extending OOXML using the built-in extension mechanisms and one about extending OOXML itself. Using built-in mechanisms As I have written about earlier OOXML has a (fun) part containing mechanisms for extending OOXML with vendor/domain-specific ex... [More]

The actual work we did in Prague

by jlundstocholm 28. March 2009 00:01
I thought I’d try to outline a bit what we actually did and what constituted our work in Prague. The agenda framing our work throughout these three days was this: Opening 2009-03-24 09:00 Roll call of delegates Adoption of the agenda Schedule for publication of reprints or T... [More]

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Maintenance of IS26300 in SC34

by jlundstocholm 27. March 2009 22:42
The streets of Prague are buzzing with rumours coming out of the work in the working groups of SC34 and SC34 itself as SC34 is currently having its plenary meeting in Prague. It seems that SC34 has done the only clever thing to do - to create an Ad Hoc Group (AHG) to have responsibility of m... [More]

Post WG4-meetings in Okinawa

by jlundstocholm 3. February 2009 20:53
  Last week (week 4 of 2009) we had the first face-2-face meeting in SC34/WG4 on the Japanese island of Okinawa. Since there is quite a big overlap between the participants of WG4 and those of WG5, the two groups meet at the same time and place to minimize travel costs and time awa... [More]

JTC1/SC34 WG4 appointed Danish expert

by jlundstocholm 28. October 2008 19:57
On Friday, October 24th the Danish mirror-committee to JTC1/SC34 had its bi-monthly meeting. On the agenda was, amongst other things, assignment of participants to the newly created working groups in JTC1/SC34, WG4 and WG5. For those of you not familiar with the establishment of these two gro... [More]

EEE - the SC34-way

by jlundstocholm 28. July 2008 22:21
In my recent post about the outcome of the AHG1-meeting in London, IBM's Rob Weir pointed out, that What everyone is missing is the fact that Microsoft is not obligated to participate in SC34/WG4 maintenance, or to do maintenance exclusively in SC34/WG4. Ecma is fully capable of s... [More]

I missed you, Rob

by jlundstocholm 23. July 2008 08:03
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