Microsoft, its time to deliver

by jlundstocholm 26. August 2008 23:18
Just before OOXML was approved in JTC1/SC34, a lot of us spent a lot of time discussing the differences of between Sun's CNS, IBM's ISP and Microsoft's OSP. Specifically, a thread on Oliver Bell's blog dealt with this topic. The post was called "The OSP will apply to future ve... [More]

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Get the ball rollin'

by jlundstocholm 12. June 2008 18:16
The latest couple of weeks have been almost as quiet as the couple of weeks after the BRM in Geneva. Most bloggers have cut down on their posts regarding ODF and OOXML (including your's truly) and have apparently gone back to their day-jobs to do a bit of Summer cleaning before the Summer vaca... [More]

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Microsoft steps up to the task at hand

by jlundstocholm 22. May 2008 06:26
Some quite extraordinary news emerged from the Redmond, WA, headquarters of Microsoft today. In summary, they announced that Microsoft will join OASIS ODF TC Microsoft will include ODF in their list of specifications covered by the Open Specification Promise (OSP) Microsoft will include... [More]