Microsoft Office 2007 - now with ODF-support

by jlundstocholm 28. October 2008 23:42
On October 22nd a long awaited email popped into my mailbox  - news of the release of first beta of Microsoft Office 2007 SP2. The reason for me longing to get my hands on this piece of software (and I have, in vain, tried to squize each and every single Microsoft employee I could to get it e... [More]

DII ODF workshop - the good stuff

by jlundstocholm 18. August 2008 18:58
... continued from DII-workshop in Redmond - round-table discussions. So - let's get down to what was the real purpose of going to Redmond - apart from the great breakfast I had at Lowell's in Farmer's market in Seattle - to test the pre-alpha version of Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 ... [More]

Are document formats silver-bullets?

by jlundstocholm 6. August 2008 18:04
A new study from the University of Illinois College of Law has made its way to cyberspace. The title is "Lost in Translation: Interoperability Issues for Open Standards - ODF and OOXML as Examples" and is done by Rajiv Shah and Jay P. Kesan. The study takes a rather novel approach compar... [More]

DII-workshop in Redmond - round-table discussions

by jlundstocholm 2. August 2008 19:49
... continued from DII ODF workshop catchup. The last part of the afternoon in Redmond was a round-table discussion of standards in general; what to do with them and how to work with them in terms of handling interop with other vendors implementing the same standard. It was really interesting... [More]

DII ODF workshop catch-up

by jlundstocholm 2. August 2008 09:26
Wow - it seems the entire cast of Microsoft bloggers are laying the grounds for a whole bunch of blog-entries after the DII-workshop in Redmond the day before yesterday (Wednesday July 30th). So OK - I'll bite. I am again back in Denmark after a Hell-ish evening after the workshop wh... [More]

Generated by Microsoft Office 2007

by jlundstocholm 31. July 2008 09:44
As we are testing the various test ODF-files we/I have brought to the Microsoft DII workshop here in Redmond, I stumpled over the following XML-fragment: [code=xml]<office:document-meta   xmlns:office="urn:oasis:names:tc:opendocument:xmlns:office:1.0"   xmlns:meta=&... [More]

ODF-implementation in Microsoft Office 2007 SP2

by jlundstocholm 30. July 2008 09:26
So once again here I am – waiting for a connecting flight out of Frankfurt, Germany. There is about an hour and a half to my flight to Seattle where I will attend the Microsoft ODF DII-workshop about Microsoft’s implementation of ODF in Microsoft Office 2007 SP2. I am looking forward t... [More]

No reason anymore to mandate anything but ODF?

by jlundstocholm 22. May 2008 19:37
Yesterday the news broke about Microsoft adding support for ODF in Microsoft Office 2007 SP2. Within minutes the news spread like fire on the hills of Malibu, California and blog-entries started to pop up everywhere - even Brian Jones has apparently returned from Winter hibernation and has made hi... [More]

Microsoft steps up to the task at hand

by jlundstocholm 22. May 2008 06:26
Some quite extraordinary news emerged from the Redmond, WA, headquarters of Microsoft today. In summary, they announced that Microsoft will join OASIS ODF TC Microsoft will include ODF in their list of specifications covered by the Open Specification Promise (OSP) Microsoft will include... [More]

Document translation sucks (When Rob is right, he's right)

by jlundstocholm 15. May 2008 05:37
It is very seldom I read one of Rob's posts and think "That is just so true" - but yesterday was one of those occasions. I was reading through his latest post about load of different documents in a couple of applications and I couldn't help but smile when I got to the part where Ro... [More]