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Only fools rush in

In the past weeks the OOXML-battleground has been covered with buzz, rumours, and innuendo about the missing IS 29500. Rob kicked it off with him revealing the little secret that he was actually in posession of a preliminary edition of the not-yet published final text.

Today I was told that ITTF was frantically (my interpretation) rushing to get the text done and have it published.

That scares me a bit.

When ITTF/IEC publishes IS29500 - that will be the IS29500 we will use in the foreseeable future. Yes, there will likely be an errata-sheet, but that is the edtion we're gonna use. Rushing to finish it could impose errors in the text (yes, I am aware of the irony).

So dear ITTF, please take your time to finish putting the spec together - there is no rush. ODF was approved on May 8th 2006 and was not published until November 30th the same year. That is more than 6 months from approval to publication. Granted, there are differences between the ODF-case and the OOXML-case. ODF was not changed during the approval-phase of ISO whereas substantial changes were made to OOXML. Never the less, I would much rather wait another month to have it done right.

At least we are all equal here - it is to the advantage of no single perty to have publication delayed ... so shouldn't we wait until it is ready?