IBM: Thumbs up for OOXML!

by jlundstocholm 16. April 2009 23:32
Today news broke that ANSI (the US national standardisation guys) recently voted on the subject of approving OOXML as an "American National Standard". The text of the ballot was: Approval to Adopt the International Standards listed below as American National Standards: ... [More]

Censored by Big Blue-hoo?

by jlundstocholm 28. March 2008 01:52
Today I posted a comment on Arnaud Lehors'  blog - I wanted to share my thoughts on his article about what JTC1's Fast-Track process was designed for. Arnaud moderated his blog and he has been critized for moderating his blog too rigid and not allowing posts that dissagree with him (c... [More]

IBM is now fighting from the trenches

by jlundstocholm 16. March 2008 08:34
After the BRM it seems to be more the rule than the exception to be denied "speech" on the blogs of the front-runners of the IBM bloggers. First it happened to me on Robs blog (where I commented on his patronizing tone towards a Czech delegate at the BRM and now it happened to me on Bob ... [More]