Will you be my friend too?

by jlundstocholm 15. September 2010 12:38
The other day I noticed that the traffic on my blog had increased dramatically. I couldn’t really understand why (I have not written anything substantial in quite some time) – all I could see was that the majority of the visitors originated from Google. The search results were mainly &ld... [More]

Three monkeys - one was Håkon Lie

by jlundstocholm 10. April 2008 16:51
(corrected quote of Håkon Lie)  After the demonstration in Oslo yesterday (damn I wish I had been there) the CTO of Opera Software, Håkon Wium Lie was interviewed by Norwegian newspaper VG. The interview is in Norwegian but let me translate a bit for you: Hå... [More]

We shall gather at the riiiiiiiveeeer!

by jlundstocholm 9. April 2008 21:57
Today it happened ... the world lost its perspective.  

Censored by Big Blue-hoo?

by jlundstocholm 28. March 2008 01:52
Today I posted a comment on Arnaud Lehors'  blog - I wanted to share my thoughts on his article about what JTC1's Fast-Track process was designed for. Arnaud moderated his blog and he has been critized for moderating his blog too rigid and not allowing posts that dissagree with him (c... [More]

Committee-stuffing (the anti-OOXML-way)

by jlundstocholm 26. March 2008 16:35
I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on some information I recently got on our cold (but warm at heart) friends way up in the most Northern part of Europe - the Norwegians. It seems that Google and IBM have just within recent days joined the Norwegian NSB (National Standardisation ... [More]

IBM is now fighting from the trenches

by jlundstocholm 16. March 2008 08:34
After the BRM it seems to be more the rule than the exception to be denied "speech" on the blogs of the front-runners of the IBM bloggers. First it happened to me on Robs blog (where I commented on his patronizing tone towards a Czech delegate at the BRM and now it happened to me on Bob ... [More]

Blog-roll update

by jlundstocholm 16. March 2008 03:19
Small note: The other day I was mistakingly taken as being a Microsoft employee by Bob ... due to the contents of my Blog-roll. So now the persons on it are sorted alphabetically and not in the order they were added. I hope this clears up any confusion. 



Venstrehåndsarbejde på Version2

by jlundstocholm 11. September 2007 16:43
Version2 er jo en aflægger af Ingeniøren - det ugentlige fagblad for ingeniører. Ingeniøren har igennem mange år opbygget et renomé som en valid faktakilde og defacto-mediet for tekniske, ingeniørmæssige diskussioner og debatter. Ingeniør... [More]

Bit-masks i OOXML

by jlundstocholm 25. June 2007 22:24
Når kampen for OOXML og ODF er så meget op ad bakke skyldes det i høj grad usikkerhed om, hvad der rent faktisk er fakta i diskussionen. Én af kilderne til denne usikkerhed er desværre Grokdoc.net. Når jeg skriver "desværre" er det fordi Grokdo... [More]

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