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Day one of IS29500?

On August 15th 2008 ISO/IEC gave their "Go ahead" on the appeal against the IS29500-approval and the process leading to it. The decision was covered almost everywhere and the phrase that caused the most speculation was this:

According to the ISO/IEC rules, DIS 29500 can now proceed to publication as an ISO/IEC International Standard. This is expected to take place within the next few weeks on completion of final processing of the document, and subject to no further appeals against the decision.

(my emphasis)

So the battle was clearly not over since the appeal itself could also be appealed. The question was: until when? Then on September 1st news broke that the appealing countries would not appeal the decision to overthrow the appeals. Since it is my understanding that only the appeallants could appeal overthrowing the appeal (confused, anyone?), I suppose the case was finally closed.

But we are still waiting for the revised text from ITTF. I would imagine that they would hold the text until the period for appealing the appeal-overthrow was over with ... but when is that? This morning it occured to me that if the period was 30 days - today is the first working day after the deadline.

Could this be it then? Could today be the "Birthday" of IS29500?