Moving towards OOXML(S) (update)

by jlundstocholm 31. May 2010 18:01
Some time ago I wrote about some of the enhancements of Microsoft Office in terms of how far they have made it in implementing the content of the conformance profile "Strict" or "<S>". As you might recall, I made a run-through of a list of feature areas and marked each with either a green, yel... [More]

Moving towards OOXML(S)

by jlundstocholm 15. February 2010 15:00
Some time ago I wrote a bit about what Microsoft Office had managed to get into Microsoft Office 2010 CTP1 (or, I wrote about the stuff I had tested). As you might recall, the results were rather slim, so I wrote to Microsoft to hear, if that was really it. It has been the fear of many that Microsof... [More]

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta, ODF and leap-year-bug

by jlundstocholm 5. February 2010 23:45
Some time ago I did some tests of Excel in Microsoft Office 2010 (CTP). The test was around OOXML - but test of ODF-support was missing. One of the things ODF is missing but is in OOXML is the leap-year-bug ... although most of propably don't miss it all that much. The leap-year-bug is the good ol'... [More]

Excel 2010 (Microsoft Office 2010 CTP TO-do list (01)

by jlundstocholm 3. November 2009 18:11
I have been looking at how Excel 2010 has implemented various features using ISO/IEC 29500-4:2008 - also known as "OOXML Transitional". Background: ISO/IEC comes in two variants, a "transitional" (T) and a "strict (S). Transitional is the one containing all the legacy stuff such as VML, legacy dig... [More]