Extending OOXML

by jlundstocholm 30. April 2009 20:26
This article will have to topics - one about extending OOXML using the built-in extension mechanisms and one about extending OOXML itself. Using built-in mechanisms As I have written about earlier OOXML has a (fun) part containing mechanisms for extending OOXML with vendor/domain-specific ex... [More]

IBM: Thumbs up for OOXML!

by jlundstocholm 16. April 2009 23:32
Today news broke that ANSI (the US national standardisation guys) recently voted on the subject of approving OOXML as an "American National Standard". The text of the ballot was: Approval to Adopt the International Standards listed below as American National Standards: ... [More]

The actual work we did in Prague

by jlundstocholm 28. March 2009 00:01
I thought I’d try to outline a bit what we actually did and what constituted our work in Prague. The agenda framing our work throughout these three days was this: Opening 2009-03-24 09:00 Roll call of delegates Adoption of the agenda Schedule for publication of reprints or T... [More]

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WG4 meetings in Prague

by jlundstocholm 27. March 2009 09:03
Wow – this has been a tough week. I arrived at the hotel here in Prague (I am currently waiting in Prague Airport for my flight back to Copenhagen) at around 21:00. I met Doug in Copenhagen and flew with him to Prague and in the airport we ran into Kimmo. After 15 minutes in my hotel room I ... [More]

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Versioning of OOXML (thank you for all the fish)

by jlundstocholm 6. February 2009 18:01
One of the most pressing matters we had to deal with in Okinawa was a question raised by quite a few people including members of the national body of Switzerland as well as hAl on the blogs of Alex Brown, Doug Mahugh and yours truly: How can you tell if a document is generated using the original ... [More]

Post WG4-meetings in Okinawa

by jlundstocholm 3. February 2009 20:53
  Last week (week 4 of 2009) we had the first face-2-face meeting in SC34/WG4 on the Japanese island of Okinawa. Since there is quite a big overlap between the participants of WG4 and those of WG5, the two groups meet at the same time and place to minimize travel costs and time awa... [More]

The complexity of SpreadsheetML - oh the sheer joy of it!

by jlundstocholm 29. January 2009 10:58
Having a bit of time on my hands while attending the SC34/WG4-meeting in Okinawa, I thought I'd write up a blog post I have wanted to write in quite some time. The reason for me doing this was a requirement I am often presented by CIBER's customers - export my data to Excel. The data they want us t... [More]

JTC1/SC34 WG4 appointed Danish expert

by jlundstocholm 28. October 2008 19:57
On Friday, October 24th the Danish mirror-committee to JTC1/SC34 had its bi-monthly meeting. On the agenda was, amongst other things, assignment of participants to the newly created working groups in JTC1/SC34, WG4 and WG5. For those of you not familiar with the establishment of these two gro... [More]

Microsoft, its time to deliver

by jlundstocholm 26. August 2008 23:18
Just before OOXML was approved in JTC1/SC34, a lot of us spent a lot of time discussing the differences of between Sun's CNS, IBM's ISP and Microsoft's OSP. Specifically, a thread on Oliver Bell's blog dealt with this topic. The post was called "The OSP will apply to future ve... [More]

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ISO says: continue with ISO/IEC 29500

by jlundstocholm 15. August 2008 23:54
This just in ... The two ISO and IEC technical boards have given the go-ahead to publish ISO/IEC DIS 29500, Information technology – Office Open XML formats, as an ISO/IEC International Standard after appeals by four national standards bodies against the approval of the documen... [More]

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