Will you be my friend too?

by jlundstocholm 15. September 2010 12:38
The other day I noticed that the traffic on my blog had increased dramatically. I couldn’t really understand why (I have not written anything substantial in quite some time) – all I could see was that the majority of the visitors originated from Google. The search results were mainly &ld... [More]

Final nail in the coffin for the "highlander approach"

by jlundstocholm 23. March 2010 04:06
On January 29th the Danish politicians finally got their acts together and did something about open document formats. After almost 3 years of debate and endless dragging of their feet - a consensus and agreement was finally made on that Friday. The agreement made had this content: For use in the p... [More]

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta, ODF and leap-year-bug

by jlundstocholm 5. February 2010 23:45
Some time ago I did some tests of Excel in Microsoft Office 2010 (CTP). The test was around OOXML - but test of ODF-support was missing. One of the things ODF is missing but is in OOXML is the leap-year-bug ... although most of propably don't miss it all that much. The leap-year-bug is the good ol'... [More]

Danish Competition Authority suggests: Use ODF in public sector!

by jlundstocholm 12. August 2009 22:49
Get the information straight from the horse's mouth from DCA website. If you are not speaking Danish, Google will do a rough translation for you. I'll update this article shortly ... ... oh ... and I almost forgot ... they suggested using OOXML as well.

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Norway mandates PDF and ODF as exchange-formats

by jlundstocholm 2. July 2009 21:29
Norway has mandated use of PDF and/or ODF as document exchange formats. The baseline reference list of approved standards and formats has been released in a "version 2.0"-edition where, amongst other things, ODF has been approved in edition 1.1. An abstract of the text is 3.2.2 ... [More]

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OASIS to JTC1: Bye, bye ...

by jlundstocholm 23. March 2009 17:16
Ever since the hoola about OOXML-approval there has been quite some discontent in the ISO community regarding how ODF TC has fulfilled its obligations after IS26300 approval. A few meetings have taken place to "amend the harsh feelings" and now some preliminary results have been sent to ... [More]

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Microsoft Office 2007 - now with ODF-support

by jlundstocholm 28. October 2008 23:42
On October 22nd a long awaited email popped into my mailbox  - news of the release of first beta of Microsoft Office 2007 SP2. The reason for me longing to get my hands on this piece of software (and I have, in vain, tried to squize each and every single Microsoft employee I could to get it e... [More]

DII ODF workshop - the good stuff

by jlundstocholm 18. August 2008 18:58
... continued from DII-workshop in Redmond - round-table discussions. So - let's get down to what was the real purpose of going to Redmond - apart from the great breakfast I had at Lowell's in Farmer's market in Seattle - to test the pre-alpha version of Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 ... [More]

ODF 1.0 Errata 01 released

by jlundstocholm 8. August 2008 17:52
Yesterday the official Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) 1.0 Errata 01 was released for public feedback. The email in part says that The public review starts today, 7 August 2008, and ends 22 August 2008. This is an open invitation to comment. We strongly encourage ... [More]

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Are document formats silver-bullets?

by jlundstocholm 6. August 2008 18:04
A new study from the University of Illinois College of Law has made its way to cyberspace. The title is "Lost in Translation: Interoperability Issues for Open Standards - ODF and OOXML as Examples" and is done by Rajiv Shah and Jay P. Kesan. The study takes a rather novel approach compar... [More]