Final nail in the coffin for the "highlander approach"

by jlundstocholm 23. March 2010 04:06
On January 29th the Danish politicians finally got their acts together and did something about open document formats. After almost 3 years of debate and endless dragging of their feet - a consensus and agreement was finally made on that Friday. The agreement made had this content: For use in the p... [More]

Maintenance of IS26300 in SC34

by jlundstocholm 27. March 2009 22:42
The streets of Prague are buzzing with rumours coming out of the work in the working groups of SC34 and SC34 itself as SC34 is currently having its plenary meeting in Prague. It seems that SC34 has done the only clever thing to do - to create an Ad Hoc Group (AHG) to have responsibility of m... [More]

OASIS to JTC1: Bye, bye ...

by jlundstocholm 23. March 2009 17:16
Ever since the hoola about OOXML-approval there has been quite some discontent in the ISO community regarding how ODF TC has fulfilled its obligations after IS26300 approval. A few meetings have taken place to "amend the harsh feelings" and now some preliminary results have been sent to ... [More]

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ODF 1.0 Errata 01 released

by jlundstocholm 8. August 2008 17:52
Yesterday the official Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) 1.0 Errata 01 was released for public feedback. The email in part says that The public review starts today, 7 August 2008, and ends 22 August 2008. This is an open invitation to comment. We strongly encourage ... [More]

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