Day one of IS29500?

by jlundstocholm 15. September 2008 22:45
On August 15th 2008 ISO/IEC gave their "Go ahead" on the appeal against the IS29500-approval and the process leading to it. The decision was covered almost everywhere and the phrase that caused the most speculation was this: According to the ISO/IEC rules, DIS 29500 can now proc... [More]

ISO says: continue with ISO/IEC 29500

by jlundstocholm 15. August 2008 23:54
This just in ... The two ISO and IEC technical boards have given the go-ahead to publish ISO/IEC DIS 29500, Information technology – Office Open XML formats, as an ISO/IEC International Standard after appeals by four national standards bodies against the approval of the documen... [More]

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EEE - the SC34-way

by jlundstocholm 28. July 2008 22:21
In my recent post about the outcome of the AHG1-meeting in London, IBM's Rob Weir pointed out, that What everyone is missing is the fact that Microsoft is not obligated to participate in SC34/WG4 maintenance, or to do maintenance exclusively in SC34/WG4. Ecma is fully capable of s... [More]

I missed you, Rob

by jlundstocholm 23. July 2008 08:03
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The happiness of solitude

by jlundstocholm 27. June 2008 18:32
Oh the lonelyness ... oh the solitude. They say that parting is such sweet sorrow, but I beg to differ. Things have really, really cooled down in the otherwise warm and cozy OOXML/ODF-blogsphere. Rob and Arnoud seem to have gone back to their day-jobs and Brian has somehow completely dissapea... [More]

Should the appeals stop all work on IS 29500?

by jlundstocholm 13. June 2008 17:18
Well, you tell me. All kinds or rumours are circulating amongst SC34-members of what the consequences of the appeals of approval of IS 29500 could be. The latest rumours are dwelving on the possibe outcome that all work on IS 29500 will be suspended until appeals are sorted out. These rumour... [More]

Only fools rush in

by jlundstocholm 28. May 2008 02:24
In the past weeks the OOXML-battleground has been covered with buzz, rumours, and innuendo about the missing IS 29500. Rob kicked it off with him revealing the little secret that he was actually in posession of a preliminary edition of the not-yet published final text. Today I was told that I... [More]

Official complaint on OOXML-procedures in Denmark

by jlundstocholm 16. May 2008 03:04
I just wanted to let you in on a bit of information here from sunny Copenhagen. Denmark has joined Norway in the strange sense that the Danish NSB (Dansk Standard) has received an official complaint regarding the Danish vote on March 29th 2008. I am sure the news will spread to the rest of th... [More]

(D)IS 29500 ISO process F.A.Q.

by jlundstocholm 22. April 2008 00:28
Due to the still overwhelming interest of the now done ISO DIS 29500 process, ISO has created a small F.A.Q. to answer some of the more frequently asked questions. My excerpts from the F.A.Q. are listed here: Q: How could a 6.000-page document be fast-tracked? Because the informatio... [More]

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Three monkeys - one was Håkon Lie

by jlundstocholm 10. April 2008 16:51
(corrected quote of Håkon Lie)  After the demonstration in Oslo yesterday (damn I wish I had been there) the CTO of Opera Software, Håkon Wium Lie was interviewed by Norwegian newspaper VG. The interview is in Norwegian but let me translate a bit for you: Hå... [More]