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Microsoft-stacking in WG4

Traditionally, for every meeting we have in WG4, some conspiracy-theory is born on how much money the delegates received from Microsoft, how many sports-cars we each got from Microsoft or how we each had a Microsoft employee sitting on our laps dictating what we should say.

So, I thought I'd beat the usual nut jobs to it and present the attendance list myself. The minutes from the meeting will be available soon, but who wants to wait for exiting news like this?

The attendance list was this:

Name Affiliation
Pia Lange
Host Dansk Standard
Makato Murata
WG4 Convener
International University of Japan
Sam Oh
SC34 Chair
Sungkyunkwan University
Keld Simonsen
Dave Welsh
Mario Wendt
Klaus-Peter Eckert
DE Fraunhofer Fokus
Jesper Lund Stocholm
Rex Jaeschke ECMA HoD, project editor Consultant
Doug Mahugh
Shawn Villaron
Kimmo Bergious
Alex Brown
Griffin Brown Digital Publishing Ltd.
Gareth Horton
Jaeho Lee
University of Seoul
Jung-Jin Yang
The Catholic Univeristy of Korea

So out of a total of 1416 people attending ... 56 people were in some way affiliated with Microsoft and/or ECMA. What the hell, throw the Microsoft shill Alex Brown into the pot as well - that'll make it a total of 67 people.

I don't know what to say ... I'm shocked.

Update: I have been notified that I missed two persons on the list, Dave Welch and Keld Simonsen. List and numbers have been updated accordingly. Smile

Re-introducing on/off-values to ST-OnOff in OOXML Part 4

At this very moment we are discussing re-introducing the values on/off to the simple type ST_OnOff in the transitional part of OOXML.


Some countries (including Denmark and UK) argued during the DIS29500-process that the enumeration values "on" and "off" of the simple type ST_OnOff were inappropriate since they expanded the W3C Schema data type xsd:boolean. So at the BRM, these values were removed from the simply type ST_OnOff.

Now, that's all fine and dandy - only problem was that it made (according to a Microsoft estimate) 90% of all existing documents (and existing applications) non-conformant. Alex Brown demonstrated this in his article "OOXML and Office 2007 Conformanc: a smoke test". Further, it went directly aganst the scope of IS29500:2008 which was to "represent faithfully the existing corpus of word-processing documents, spreadsheets and presentations that have been produced by Microsoft Office pplications (from Microsoft Office 97 to Microsoft Office 2008, inclusive)".

So we have been disussing this quite a bit - because by re-introducing the values on/off would effectively be reversing a BRM decision ... in other words ... politically, it is a bit of a hot potatoe.

You might argue that this is a prime example of how Microsoft controls SC34/WG4 and how we simply align everything to what Microsoft or Microsoft Office does - but unless you consistantly opt for the sensational news, that position doesn't make very much sense.This has really nothing to do with aligning IS29500 with Microsoft Office; it has to do with aligning IS29500 with its scope.

Now, do note that we in WG4 cannot make decisions to alterating IS29500 - this is the prerogitive of the national bodies in SC34 or JTC1, so all we are doing is suggesting to the NBs that we think it is a good idea to reintroduce the two values.


WG4-meetings in Copenhagen

So ... everyone on the "who's who" list of OOXML maintenance is in Copenhagen eagerly working our way through a zillion defect reports and proposals for IS29500. The pace varies from hour to hour, but it is almost all of it quite interesting (cough!).

We have quite a busy schedule in front of us for these three days in Copenhagen. The # of DRs have climbed above 250. As you can see on the statistics page of WG4, we have successfully closed about 138 of them (through-out the last few weeks) and we are working our way through the rest.

The topics for this week evolve around mondane tasks as sorting out editorial defect, discussions about technical comments and figuring out what to put in a AMD-bucket and which ones to put in the COR-bucket. It's all about the glamour and fancy life style here.


We are certainly living in interesting times ... and I am sure we'll get a lot done in these three days.

PS: Ooh ... and we are gonna burn a witch on Tuesday evening.